Indore at a Glance | AtharavRaj Yadav

Indore is the most populous metropolis of Madhya Pradesh. Positioned on the Malwa Plateau, the attraction of this city prevails in its vibrant cultural heritage which has been protected over centenaries and alongwith the reflections of urbanisation.


Indore has been one of the fore-runners in the advancement of the nation in the period of modernization. One of the scholarly centers in the country, Indore has both an IIT & IIM. Indore is also the cleanest metropolis of India. Indore has over the years built itself as the heart of trading & industrial methods in the state.  The city of Indore receives its alias from Indreshwar Mahadev temple. It is considered that Lord Indra meditated on this realm and commenced Swami Indrapuri to build this temple. Try-out amazing regional delicacies like Indori Poha at Sarafa Bazaar while you're in Indore.

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