Bandhavgarh at a Glance | AtharavRaj Yadav

Listed as a National Park in 1968 & a Tiger Reserve in 1972 beneath the Project Tiger & Wildlife Protection Act, Bandhavagrh National park became the heartbeat to the famously known as Heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. Covered across an expanse of 1150 sq.kms., Bandhvagarh has one of the immense mass of tigers in the world.

The name “bandhav-garh” elucidates to “the brother’s fort” and considered to be defined by Hindu God Rama to his loving ‘bandhav’ (brother) Laxmana, when they returned winning over Lanka.

Inside the park, there're twelve natural waterholes, numerous other ancient masterpieces, and remains of antiquated caverns that displays a 2000-year-old wealthy historical antiquity. And that’s not all, Bandhavgarh is bestowed with the abundance of flora & fauna which is why adventure freaks, jungle safari, tiger safari,and shutterbugs plan a tour to Bandhavgarh frequently.

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