Rajnish Yadav

Rajnish Yadav, is an Author and Father of AtharavRaj Yadav and a Founder of AtharavRaj Corporations Website. He has around 10 Years Vast Experience in I.T. Industry in Website Hosting & Domain Registrations, Android Applications Design & Development Design and Implementation of Software’s and Web Applications.

AtharavRaj Corporations, an Online Web which Serves Website Designing, Hosting, Domains, E-Mail Customization & Marketing, etc.

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AtharavRaj Yadav

AtharavRaj Yadav is an Author, Hippie, Speaker, Cyber Security Expert, Travel Blogger, Epigrammatist, Conservationist, and Music Label, based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.


AtharavRaj Yadav was born on August 6, 2000,  to Mrs. Reeta Yadav and Mr. Rajnish Yadav, an affluent Ahir Family in the year 2000 in Barwani.

He lived and studied in his paternal village Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh until the age of 17, when upon completion of his school education, he shifted to Indore for further education. As a young boy he was always inspired by the stories of the great patriots of the nation and dreamt of working for the progress of the motherland. He then, started developing the skills in orating and blogging to convey his messages and be an active person in the society.

At the age of 19, he wrote a book on cyber security for public awareness and involved with awareness campaigns with Indore police. Being with the police department was the act which changed his life forever and set him on a momentous journey towards the public and social welfare.

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